Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to get Saudi Temporary Work Visa (العمل المؤقت )in Pakistan?

Saudi temporary work visa is the most difficult visa to stamp as i believe because Saudi embassy has lot of stick requirements for this type of visa. But if somebody is going in an established Saudi company which is ready to support him with any required document then it is not that difficult.

I faced lot of problems in obtaining this visa but at least got it because my company was very supportive.

Embassy fee for this visa is PKR. 26,200.


  1. Visa slip copy
  2. Computerised Passport
  3. 4 Photographs with blue background
  4. Return ticket
  5. A MOU agreement between Pakistani company and Saudi company attested by Saudi chamber of commerce. (This agreement must be 2 years old)
  6. Agreement between Pakistani company and Saudi company in which name of specific person should be mentioned as Saudi company is hiring that person as consultant and will support him in all aspects. (Attested by Saudi chamber of commerce)
  7. Person’s experience certificate attested by Pakistani foreign office, of at least 2.5 years. And experience should be in same field as mention in visa.
  8. Educational degree or certificates attested by,1)HEC Pakistan, 2)Saudi Cultural Office, 3)Saudi Embassy
  9. Arabic translations of all agreements.
  10. Arabic translation of educational degrees, attested by Pakistani foreign office.
  11. Arabic translation of experience certificates.
  12. eNumber cab be obtained from any travel agent against payment of PKR 1,700.
  13. Photocopies of all documents.

Keep in mind that educational document attestation is another special issue. You must contact Saudi cultural office before this process.

After stamping your visa you have to go to secure your passport from ministry of oversees Pakistanis. It’s a one day process if your reached there at 9 am sharp. Also bring id card of your wife, father or mother with you and 6000 rupees.

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